Bobby Grasberger

  • Hi, I’m Bobby.

    I like to develop and market products that people love.

    Beyond work, I enjoy cooking, electric cycling, woodworking, gardening, machine embroidery, and kayaking. I currently co-hold the Guinness World Record for the longest parade of kayaks (together with 1,104 of my closest friends), and in 2006, I tragically lost a Gus Burger eating contest on a technicality.

    I love my partner Gaby and our dog Gus (yes, after the burger), who allows us to stay in his apartment in Brooklyn, NY.

    While I’ve lived in the United States my whole life, my knees were transplanted from two donors in Canada—to whom I’m very grateful.

    Professional Experience

    A common thread across my work is leading cross-functional teams to develop enjoyable and effective products and activations.

    My experience is outlined here. For specific examples of my work, please contact me.

    INDEPENDENT Projects

    My variety of interests and curiosities leads me to create and support an assortment of projects.

    • Co-creator of – a guide for boosting voter turnout in the 2020 U.S. election
    • Bike Angel for Citi Bike – a program for rebalancing the NYC bike sharing network
    • Creator of – a simple way to precisely estimate your NYC or New York State after-tax income
    • Volunteer at Oko Farms – an educational aquaponic farm in Brooklyn
    • Small Investor in Upshift (fractional car leasing service) and Oonee (safe urban bike parking provider)
    • Creator of – a quick way to compare vehicle emissions and energy costs between models (gas or electric)
    • More coming soon
    Core Beliefs

    Perspectives that ground my work:

    1. Businesses don’t exist to make a profit. They make a profit to exist.
    2. Being curious and obsessive about customer experience tends to be an effective and enjoyable business strategy.
    3. The means justify the ends. Inclusive, thoughtful processes generally lead to worthwhile results.

    I love to meet and work with similarly-minded people.

    If you’re interested in working together—or just saying hi!—get in touch.